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What has UNICO Accomplished?

UNICO has done so many things on a national and chapter level that it would be impossible to list them all.  Generally, it has awarded hundreds of college scholarships, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the establishment of Italian Study Chairs in college and universities throughout the country, sent thousands of children to camp, raised millions of dollars for local charities and in support of local drives, recognized many individuals throughout the nation for outstanding achievements, sponsored a national mental health program, a national Cooley's Anemia program, and annually encouraged and participated in the observation of Columbus Day.  UNICO National has come to the defense of the Italian name in many instances, deterring and criticizing those who may defame, ridicule or lower the standards of our people.  It took an active part in the Ellis Island/Save the Lady Campaign.  It has assisted in improving Immigration Laws.  It has provided financial assistance to disaster relief such as the nationwide campaign in the sixties and eighties that raised millions of dollars for reconstruction in the devastated areas of Italy.  Closer to home, funds were raised for the more recent Florida hurricane, California earthquake and Midwest floods.


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